Avoid Fast Ejaculation

The description of fast ejaculation is not clear. It can denote ejaculation sooner than sex starts. It can also mean ejaculation in the very beginning of it. There are people that use this term when the man finishes sooner than his partner!

Would you like to improve your endurance limits? You are not the only person who longs for it. According to the report of National Institutes of Health, about 30% of men suffer from the fast ejaculation. But do not worry if you appear to be in these 30 per cent, it is not an illness.

You should try and master the way you start and finish, which will help you avoid fast ejaculation. You should be able to understand when you are ready to come and try to postpone it. First, you’d better practice during masturbation, and only then try it with a partner. You should learn to catch the moment right before the orgasm, which can be determined by a tingling feeling. Discontinue any actions once you feel that it is coming. When it is over, start it again. Find out the number of times you can repeat the experience of this type.

It can happen harder than it seems for you. You can discover how you lose your erection from time to time. But do not stop trying to improve. When you are ready to continue with your partner during the intercourse, fill the break with kisses and caressing.

Another good way of holding your orgasm off is Kegel exercises. They make pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles) stronger. To locate these types of muscle groups, halt during your urination – it is PC muscles. At this point, to perform this exercise, squeeze the muscles, hold them for several minutes, and then let go.

Sperm Volume Exercises

Increasing your sperm volume you will increase your orgasm intensity and duration. The main thing is to have the right information about how to. Nowadays more and more men would like to know how to increase sperm volume. The power of orgasms is determined by the number of orgasmic contractions a man has during an intercourse. There are a lot of products – enhancement pills – on the market today that promise this effect.

Some products are composed of dangerous ingredients, including Yohimbe, which is a part of the west African Yohimbe tree, namely its bark. Another thing is that the price for these products is not low, and you will need a fortune to take them regularly. This makes it necessary for you to find a cheaper and safer alternative to increase sperm volume. Such herbal remedies as pumpkin seed and saw palmetto are able to sustain healthy prostate. Zinc included into them can enhance the sperm volume and the level of quality. But you don’t have to use expensive pills to make increase sperm volume!

The abundant amount of ejaculated semen is regarded by many women as a testimony of the extent of their partner’s excitement, and thus “bigger loads” shot are quite flattering for them. In other words women think that partner’s sperm volume depends upon partner’s response to them, to their sexuality. They think that partner’s ejaculate volume shows his satisfaction he got with this very woman.

That is why it’s recommended to try sperm volume exercises. Sperm volume exercises have step by step guides. They are very easy to follow and show you how to achieve more powerful orgasms and produce more sperm volume. Normally a man ejaculates about 1.5-4 ml of sperm, but it is not a problem to make this volume higher and reach a value of 10 ml and even more and to produce such a volume each time. Sperm volume exercise guides can also provide you with detailed information on the diet which will be useful for you. Sperm volume pills are good but they are more expensive compared with these methods.

Semen Enhancement Exercises

Your orgasms can be longer and more intensive if your semen production is enhanced. Knowledge is power! So, if you have right information it won’t be difficult for you to enhance semen production. There are a lot of men who are eager to know how to ejaculate more sperm. The power of orgasms is determined by the number of orgasmic contractions a man has during an intercourse. There are a lot of products – semen enhancement pills – on the market today that promise this effect.

Several of these herbal medicines or libido boosters include very dangerous herbal components such as Yohimbe. Additionally they are unaffordable for regular usage, so a more healthy, less dangerous and more economical method has to be found to maintain higher semen volumes. Zinc is known to improve the quality and amount of sperm, and such herbal supplements as pumpkin seeds and saw palmetto help to maintain fertility and healthy prostate. So, you see, there are easier and simpler ways to enhance semen production than to take expensive pills!

It isn’t a secret that a great deal of women get really turned on by men shooting “Bigger loads” Do you know why? Because the increased amount for them is a sign of how their partner is virile and sexually turned on. A woman feels flattered by a man who ejaculates intensively “making a mess”. A stronger ability to get an erection and a rush of explosions during orgasm are signs that a man is truly excited. This is the best compliment for many women, and this is why they like huge loads. Women subconsciously desire a partner who is able to produce large ejaculations of semen.

Is it possible to enhance semen production? If you do some semen enhancement exercises regularly, it is quite possible. The example of such a technique is PC (pubococcygeus muscle) exercises (Kegels). They can be useful if a man wants to enhance semen production. Your orgasms are brighter after these exercises. The person should also care about good nutrition, with necessary fruits and vegetables in addition to liquids consummation to sustain hydration of your body. If you take into account that roughly 95% of ejaculation volume consists of water, obviously if you are not properly hydrated your sperm amount would be noticeably decreased.

The frequency of ejaculations per day also determines the amount of ejaculated semen. Thus, in case of having orgasms 2-3 times daily the amount of semen will be much lesser than that in case of once daily. If you do it once during the three-day period then the loads will be even bigger. Restraining yourself from sex for short periods may help you get a higher volume of ejaculate.

And what is this edging technique about? It is a kind of semen enhancement exercise when you rich the point of orgasm and then stop. Repeated stimulation of testicles and penis to the point of climax, which can be done both during masturbation or sex, will lead you to producing powerful orgasms with bigger loads. Edging, along with deep breathing, pelvic floor exercises and the proper dietary supplements, will take your orgasms to a new high level!

Follow simple steps to start training your body to accumulate and ejaculate more semen via easy semen enhancement exercises. You might be interested in the average amount of semen. It is between 1.5-4ml and you may increase it up to 10+ ml if you follow all the guidelines above. Another thing semen enhancement penis exercises come with is the in-depth information on affordable diet and supplements. These three things applied in right combination will give results that will surpass one promised by any semen volume boosting pills available on the market today and at twice as cheaper price.