Penis exercises

When a circular jelq is done during jelqing exercise, it can also increase the size of the girth. In order to achieve this, one should perform jelqing based on the procedure given above. However, when your hand reaches the head of the penis, it’s the time to pull and rotate in a clockwise direction. Then, a medium pressure should be applied, extending the penis. After the process is complete, penis should be jelqued again following the first step, but make the rotation counterclockwise. Ten rotations everyday is recommended.

Usually, the extent of penis erection varies on the quantity of blood capable to occupy the tissues in corpus cavernosa. This is where penis exercises are helpful for they can liberate the spongy tissues of corpus cavernosa for the penis to become bigger.

All these penis exercises can be used to gain sexual completeness especially to couples who are looking forward to having a baby. Even a pregnant wife can help her husband let go some of his sexual dissatisfaction by massaging his penis, while his husband can do the same thing on her vulva.

Jerry K

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