Kegel Exercises

The kegel exercise can be used either by men or women as it can help get control over PC muscles. Men can benefit from this exercise as it gives them dominance over ejaculation, lasting erection and increases the time of sexual intercourse. Another name for Kegel exercise is Pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles) exercise. While doing this kegel exercise, you make your PC muscles stronger by alternating slow and quick contractions. At the beginning you may find practising kegel exercises difficult. Useful tips and guidelines below will definitely be helpful.

Useful tips and guidelines:

  • It is important to exercise the right muscles. Usually beginners are likely to exercise the wrong muscles. If you do so, you will get no results. In order to identify the correct muscles, practise the exercise while urinating. Stop urinating and hold the flow for about 2-3 seconds, then continue urinating. Regular penis kegel exercises will help you contract the correct muscle.
  • Over practice will do you no good. If you interrupt the process of urination frequently, your urine cycle can be affected. As soon as you find out which muscle to control, stop practising.
  • It is advisable to practice slow and quick contractions frequently, 10 sets per day will bring good results.

    You will definitely get perfect results if you follow useful tips and guidelines. Always conduct thorough research before trying new penis exercises. You may wish to buy online penis exercises. You will get more information on how to do penis exercises correctly.

  • Stretching Exercises

    If you want to increase your penis length, you will find the stretching exercises useful. Most people prefer to use hands as it is safe, however, some people do this exercise with weight. This stretching exercises method is used to stretch up suspensory ligaments to maximum and adjust to their new length by means of constant stretching exercises. Firstly, seize the penis head. Secondly, stretch the penis forward to its maximum limit. You may also use weights by attaching them to the penis.

    Useful tips:

  • Always do this exercise when the penis is on its flaccid state and your suspensory ligaments are flexible. If you are fully or semi erect, you will only hurt your penis without a positive result.
  • Keep in mind that there are limits for stretching exercises. Undoubtedly, the farther you stretch, the lengthier result you will get. However, over stretching will result in pain and bad function.
  • When you use weights, do not put too much weight, the result will be pitiful.
  • The length of exercises exercise is the same as you may find under the jelqing method. Again, practice penis stretching exercises every day but no more than 10 -15 minutes.