Dry Jelq

Here is a free penis exercise program called “Dry Jelq“:

Step 1. Achieve a 40-50% erection, it should not be weaker or stronger.
Step 2. Using two fingers, your thumb and forefinger, make a circle. It will remind you of the ‘OK’ sign we sometimes make to show that something’s good. Outstretch your other fingers. They should not touch anything.
Step 3.Using the circle you made, firmly grip the base of your penis and start moving your grip gently in the direction of the head of your organ. Your fingers should not slide along the surface of the penis, hold them on the same area and slide up the shaft. The motion reminds the movements made during milking a cow. You stimulate the blood flow to the head of your penis.
Step 4. After you’ve made a motion from the base to the area just below the head of your penis, loose your grip. Repeat the exercise 20-30 times during your first session, and then, two weeks later, you can increase the number to 50.

This method works! Dry Jelq brings amazing results! And it is only one out of dozens that have already been created and tested. What you need is patience and practice and you will get the desired result – the bigger and thicker penis! Practise Dry Jelq every day and two weeks later you will notice first encouraging results – your penis feel become heavier and harder. Regular practice and optimism will change your sex life to the better and make you feel more confident. You will forget about the average size forever. You will not be average any longer.

Penis exercises

When a circular jelq is done during jelqing exercise, it can also increase the size of the girth. In order to achieve this, one should perform jelqing based on the procedure given above. However, when your hand reaches the head of the penis, it’s the time to pull and rotate in a clockwise direction. Then, a medium pressure should be applied, extending the penis. After the process is complete, penis should be jelqued again following the first step, but make the rotation counterclockwise. Ten rotations everyday is recommended.

Usually, the extent of penis erection varies on the quantity of blood capable to occupy the tissues in corpus cavernosa. This is where penis exercises are helpful for they can liberate the spongy tissues of corpus cavernosa for the penis to become bigger.

All these penis exercises can be used to gain sexual completeness especially to couples who are looking forward to having a baby. Even a pregnant wife can help her husband let go some of his sexual dissatisfaction by massaging his penis, while his husband can do the same thing on her vulva.

Results of Penis Exercises

Will the result of penis exercises last long? You can be quite sure it will! After some time of doing the exercises you will see the difference. Your penis will not only look larger, it will really be longer and thicker, because the exercises include continuous stretching, tearing of tissues and their re-healing. A lot of men have used this method for a long time, and you can also enjoy wonderful results it will give you!

Is it difficult to do the penis exercises? Of course not! You should just start doing them, and after a while you won’t even notice that you do them when watching a film, for instance.

Achieve ejaculation

There are males who easily achieve ejaculation when having sex with a partner, but are unable to do it when masturbating. In such cases there are usually the reasons mentioned above, such as having been caught masturbating or religious feelings, which prevent them from ejaculating. In most religions masturbation is a severe sin, and these men know that they shouldn’t do it. Many men try to do everything possible to avoid masturbation and other sexual acts.

If one of these cases is your as well, it may be hard to cause the feelings that you just cannot experience, and trying to force yourself is unwise. You may be lucky a couple of times, but this won’t work forever. You’d better go to a professional than letting yourself to be alone with your problem. Doctors may know what you might do after they speak to you and your partner.

The main goal of the penis exercises therapy is to give the partners information about different stimulation kinds and reactions, so that both of them could know that they really want. They shouldn’t use the power of their will and make the mind have a certain reaction, but they should do everything possible to achieve such a level of intimacy, which will be ideal to achieve the stimulation and get rid of the problem.

Towel hanging penis exercises

The penis exercise is called TOWEL HANGING.

Below you will find the steps you should follow:

  • Step 1: You should massage yourself until you reach full erection.
  • Step 2: A LIGHT cotton beaver or wash-cloth should be placed at the base of your penis.
  • Step 3: By lifting the towel or cloth a bit make your penis bob gently; as a result, it will arouse your penis. Then release your penis.
  • Step 4: Repeat it 25 times or until you cannot tolerate it any longer. Do 25 reps every other day for a couple of weeks.

After a short time of exercising you will have an obvious result: your penis will get much harder during the erection, you will feel that it has become weightier. Some men even notice the increase in length and girth. It happens because the blood flow to penis also increases. Moreover, you will be able to have longer intercourse and stop being afraid of quick ejaculation. It happens because you do towel hanging penis exercise. This penis exercise makes your PC muscle stronger and your penis functioning better. Fit and toned penis will prevent you from such surprises as premature ejaculation.

Kegels exercises

A lot of people don’t know exactly what Kegels exercises mean and what they can do to help fight premature ejaculation. We offer a small reference for you to be informed. It was representatives of the Chinese Taoist movement, who were the first to promote the concept of working on the pubococcygeus muscle. It happened during the ancient times. Doing many penis exercises was one of the elements of their life philosophy, both physical and spiritual, and it was aimed at the improvement of their health, development of the spirit, ability to live long and having high quality sex.

As has already been said, the principal goal of the penis exercises for the pubococcygeous muscle is aimed at the improved control over the ejaculation process. A strong PC muscle will make it possible to stop the urination process, and it is possible to hold the semen flow too. Thus, penis exercises are also able to help you control the ejaculation process and have ejaculation just when you want it. It is a real remedy for the men having problems with premature ejaculation. But you should not wait for quick results when doing the penis exercises. You will need several months to achieve the visible results, but you should always remember that this long process will demonstrate its value.

Still, if you want to enhance your manhood, you are advised to look for the professionally designed Kegels penis exercises. One of the easiest way to do so is to read penis exercises forum.

Control premature ejaculation with penis exercises

The reasons of premature ejaculation are both çà physical and psychological origin. Some researches prove that at least 90 percent of males with premature ejaculation say their fathers and grandfathers had had it too. Medicals experts say that this dysfunction is connected with too fast neurological reaction of the pelvic muscles. They advise their patients to do exercises to be able to control the process of ejaculation. Psychologically speaking, premature ejaculation can be related to depression, stress, wrong expectations and strong doubts regarding one’s confidence.

You are recommended to do penis exercises, including Kegels, which are of help at different levels, from starter to advanced, if you want to overcome this negative condition for a long period of time. You should be always confident in yourself and in your sexual power, and you will forget about premature ejaculation.

Jelqing Exercises

Men who want to increase penis girth often use the jelqing exercises. This technique improves the flow of blood and the ability of the erectile tissue to get more blood and take its new capacity and size forever. When men use jelqing exercises, they do milking movements with the help of one or both hands. To learn how to do jelqing exercises place your thumb and forefinger around the penis base. You should grapple and cover the penis base. Glide your hands along the penis holding it tightly and slowly direct blood towards the end of the organ.

Useful tips:

  • Do not practise this exercise when your penis is fully erected or completely flaccid, you may hurt your skin. The best thing is to practise with a semi- erect penis.
  • A firm grip on the penis shaft will help you keep partial erection. Avoid squeezing your penis not to provoke the interruption of the blood flow into your organ tissues.
  • It is recommended to use both hands in an alternating sequence. You will not get tired and will be able to give the penis a permanent milking motion.
  • It is advisable to use lubricants or oil to get rid of unpleasant feelings that dry penis can cause. It will also reduce friction while doing the exercise.
  • The length of the penis jelqing exercise should not exceed 10-15 minutes. You should practice every day but do not over exercise not to make your tissues damaged and stressed.
  • Kegel Exercises

    The kegel exercise can be used either by men or women as it can help get control over PC muscles. Men can benefit from this exercise as it gives them dominance over ejaculation, lasting erection and increases the time of sexual intercourse. Another name for Kegel exercise is Pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles) exercise. While doing this kegel exercise, you make your PC muscles stronger by alternating slow and quick contractions. At the beginning you may find practising kegel exercises difficult. Useful tips and guidelines below will definitely be helpful.

    Useful tips and guidelines:

  • It is important to exercise the right muscles. Usually beginners are likely to exercise the wrong muscles. If you do so, you will get no results. In order to identify the correct muscles, practise the exercise while urinating. Stop urinating and hold the flow for about 2-3 seconds, then continue urinating. Regular penis kegel exercises will help you contract the correct muscle.
  • Over practice will do you no good. If you interrupt the process of urination frequently, your urine cycle can be affected. As soon as you find out which muscle to control, stop practising.
  • It is advisable to practice slow and quick contractions frequently, 10 sets per day will bring good results.

    You will definitely get perfect results if you follow useful tips and guidelines. Always conduct thorough research before trying new penis exercises. You may wish to buy online penis exercises. You will get more information on how to do penis exercises correctly.

  • Stretching Exercises

    If you want to increase your penis length, you will find the stretching exercises useful. Most people prefer to use hands as it is safe, however, some people do this exercise with weight. This stretching exercises method is used to stretch up suspensory ligaments to maximum and adjust to their new length by means of constant stretching exercises. Firstly, seize the penis head. Secondly, stretch the penis forward to its maximum limit. You may also use weights by attaching them to the penis.

    Useful tips:

  • Always do this exercise when the penis is on its flaccid state and your suspensory ligaments are flexible. If you are fully or semi erect, you will only hurt your penis without a positive result.
  • Keep in mind that there are limits for stretching exercises. Undoubtedly, the farther you stretch, the lengthier result you will get. However, over stretching will result in pain and bad function.
  • When you use weights, do not put too much weight, the result will be pitiful.
  • The length of exercises exercise is the same as you may find under the jelqing method. Again, practice penis stretching exercises every day but no more than 10 -15 minutes.